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Why are we laid back?

Laid back does not sound positive let us ask why are we relaxed?

When people are on road around 0945 hrs to catch office for 1000 hrs and there is a traffic congestion which seems not to open by another half an hour we show no sign of hurry. Well to be cool in all situation is great on itself but being super cool and not responding on time is traumatic.

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wifi refugees

After staying in a hotel while checking out bill comes out something like this:

room- 10





What would be your reaction?

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Rara turning Phewa?

Tourism is not the subject which should be covered all over. Destinations with competitive advantage get popular as a tourist place. That is why we keep on hearing names of few destinations quite often while few are missed all the time.

Nepal has tremendous tourism possibility be it nature, adventure or culture. Some destinations which in past was termed inaccessible is now more frequented thanks to growing popularity of social and online media.

Rara lake is one of them. Exclusive. Pristine.

Courtesy: http://www.oshoadventure.com

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Mark your calendar world, Himalayan Travel Mart from June 1


Tourism in Nepal is picking up. It’s high time that some event which would create buzz in regional level was organized in the country. Himalayan Travel Mart 2017 is that occasion country waited for quite long.

Nepal is geographically placed at the core of Himalayas. So, organizing Himalayan Travel Mart in Nepal and inviting buyers from other countries is definitely a good idea.

Being organized from June 1 to 4, 2017 this mega mart clubs 3 segment-

  1. International Bloggers and Media Conference on June 1
  2. Himalayan Travel Mart Conference on June 2
  3. Buyers and Sellers Meet on June 3 and 4

Each of them is uniquely designed and planned to reach its respective sphere.

The mart will bring more than 60 international buyers and over 50 domestic sellers together in a single platform. There will be participation of more than 100 media personnel and bloggers to promote Nepal.


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Where will you find Ramon Magsaysay medal? Guesses won’t be right for Mahabir Pun

Photo courtesy: http://www.nepalconnection.org.np

Mahabir Pun recipient of Roman Magsaysay award in 2007 for community leadership is keeping his medals in auction . Purpose of auction of these medals which he received for all his good work of connecting internet in rural Nepal and enhancing communication is for his dream project of making innovation center in Nepal.

When government bodies turned deaf for his project he knocked at public doors for the fund. He has been able to raise 40 million Nepali rupees and target of the project looms high around 500 million. Pun is positive his project will be materialized one day and Nepali talent can find conducive environment for their unique idea to blossom in own soil.


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waiting for 20 years, cant you have patience for 2 weeks?

Thats what chief election commissioner responded when asked for delay in counting votes after local elections.

Yes for sure election taking place after 20 years on itself is big thing. People are casting votes for the first time in their life.

While most of the world gets done with counting within 24 hours of ballot boxes reaching to counting stations. After 2 weeks of poll people are still awaiting results.

    people queing outside counting station

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Go for Yarsa

Yarsa Gumba (latin name cordyceps sinesis) is botanically a fungus. Unlike other fungus it has high value. Used as sex stimulant it has medicinal value as well.

When collection season of it nears schools are shut close in mountain region of Nepal. Dolpa, Jajarkot, Rukum, Salyan are the districts where people leave their homes for a month at least and villages are abandoned.

photo courtesy the himalayan times

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Volleyball is now the national game

Fever is high. After first leg of local election people have now one thing common to hover on which off course is second leg of election. How Madhes coalition will respond? What will be scene after all results are out? And what government will do to bring Madhes to confidence. These are huge questions that loom large in front of us.

All of a sudden government comes with decision-volleyball is our national game.


Well according to them (government) country was lacking national game so volleyball has been decided as national game.

image courtesy glocal khabar

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