Thats what chief election commissioner responded when asked for delay in counting votes after local elections.

Yes for sure election taking place after 20 years on itself is big thing. People are casting votes for the first time in their life.

While most of the world gets done with counting within 24 hours of ballot boxes reaching to counting stations. After 2 weeks of poll people are still awaiting results.

    people queing outside counting station

Is it matter to be tested for our patience or there are lot to be improved on how we count.

Candidates are having tough time keeping their health intact as they have been sleepless for many consective days. Similar is the situation of people involved in countings, media, party workers.

As a month day after first poll nears slated for next polls still results not being out is something to matter about.

Well praise with all our hearts to election commission for carrying all these difficult tasks of election but hey be bit quick. It is just a request.