Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and butter..life goes on

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Breaking Silence

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In silence, there is strength,

Words kept within length.

A smile withstands each blow,

Resilience in a storm’s glow.

Despite shattered dreams, they rise,

Eyes on the earth and skies.

Misconduct to one another, let it be,

The perpetrators secretly conspired to see.

Shattered silence as a raging noise,

Barriers broken, discarding devious ploys.

Stand up, you culprits, no more to bay.

Voices ascend, our land shall reclaim.

They resist the dark with valiant hearts,

Every silence will make a roaring art.

Grim echoing histories as in Sun Tzu,

Every shade of truth will repeat.

Beyond roast and rust

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In the cycle of life, roast or rust,
Beyond mere existence, we’re thrust.
Engrossed in sessions, minds confined,
Roasting each other, but are we blind?

The speaker, with wisdom, holds the floor,
Yet sees not the rust, the ones ignored.
Learned and educated, par excellence,
While others languish, lost in pretense.

They lack the basics, yet strut with pride,
In their self-made bubbles, they hide.
For knowing all, they fail to see,
The world beyond, where others plea.

Self-rusted, they roast in their own flame,
A cycle of ignorance, it’s such a shame.
Roasted by rust, they’re consumed,
Yet blind to the world, where hope is entombed.

The cycle persists, in its relentless churn,
As we fail to see, fail to learn.
Beyond the roast, beyond the rust,
Exists a world, waiting to be just.

Digital Impermanence:Daily Deleting Stories


The evolution of sharing in the digital age marks a departure from the days of enduring posts that linger in memory over time. Previously, people posted content, and it endured, archived for the future. However, the current trend revolves around “Stories” – transient snippets that exist for a day, reflecting the impermanence of not just online content but also, metaphorically, the impermanence of life.

In this era, the essence is encapsulated in the brevity of a day, capturing the fleeting nature of experiences and narratives. Each day brings a new story, and the previous ones fade away, emphasizing the transitory nature of our digital expressions and, by extension, the ephemeral quality of life itself. This shift mirrors the philosophy of impermanence, encouraging us to embrace the present moment, as what’s shared today may be eclipsed by another story tomorrow. The concept underscores the beauty of living in the now and appreciating the transient, ever-changing nature of our digital and real-world narratives.

Whispers of Tomorrow’s Canvas

Sudhan Subedi

In the canvas of time, a mantra to borrow,
“There is always tomorrow,” whispers with a glow.
Patience, the key, unlocks the fate’s window,
Guiding through challenges, as life continues to flow.

In the game of existence, you emerge and grow,
Claiming victory, as destinies bestow.
Yet, a shadow lingers, a troop’s silent woe,
Deep within hearts, a sense of foreboding they stow.

A subtle unrest, like a hidden undertow,
An inkling that something’s awry, a subtle echo.
Tomorrow unfolds, time’s relentless throw,
The day will come when truth will finally show.

Hope persists, resilient, a beacon to follow,
Till the end, in hearts, it weaves a halo.
In the symphony of life, a melodic crescendo,
Hopeful spirits endure, undeterred by sorrow.

Echoes Across Decades: A Stage Unchanged

Sudhan Subedi

In a realm where decades dance, change unfurls,
Power scatters, the ordinary in decision whirls.
The stage, unyielding, holds its curtain tight,
As ordinary souls shape the script of the night.

Creative diaspora leaps past television’s squares,
YouTube’s dawn, and more, ascent in pairs.
Yet, here on this stage, a familiar encore,
In my hand, a mike, as memories implore.

A school day’s cultural echo, the mike was mine,
Announcing, orchestrating, making moments shine.
Three decades hence, in the parent’s embrace,
I sit, watching children on this timeless space.

Same stage, same curtain, clock at its height,
Roles have pivoted, yet the ground feels right.
The rhythm of time, an unyielding decree,
In the auditorium of life, where moments agree.

Afghanistan’s Triumph Over England Unites a Nation in Turmoil

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Sports have an incredible ability to transcend boundaries and bring people together in unexpected and natural ways. Afghanistan’s recent victory over England in the Cricket World Cup serves as a prime example of this phenomenon. While the country is currently experiencing a period of turmoil, their triumph on the cricket field is a testament to the unifying power of sports.

This victory represents Afghanistan’s second win in the history of the World Cup, and it is a moment of immense pride for the nation. In the face of challenges and adversity, the Afghan cricket team has showcased their determination and resilience. Their achievement on the global stage is not just a sporting triumph but also a symbol of hope and inspiration for their country.

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नाम डट कम

‘होली’ होइन ‘फागु’ । आफ्नो संस्कृति जोगाउनुपर्छ, के भन्ने कुरा पनि सिकाउनुपर्छ। बुज्रुग जमातले शब्दमा आफ्नो पराई देखी राख्दा होलीको फेरिएको स्वरूप देखेन । यो फेराई गहन छ, अनि स्वागत‌योग्य पनि । सानामा होलीको एक हप्ता अगाडिदेखि नै बाटामा हिँड्ने सबै – चिन्ने नचिन्नेलाई लोला हानेर फोहर‌ पानी छ्‌यापेर मनाउँदै आएको यो चाड अहिले चिनेका साथीहरू आफन्तहरू माझ मनाउने, रमाइलो गर्ने रुपमा विकसित भएको छ। युवाजमातले यसलाई रङ्ग उत्सव अनि नाँच्ने गाउने पर्वका रूपमा देख्नु सुखद छ । फागु पूर्णिमालाई नै भनेर २/३ दिन अघि स्कूल कलेज बन्द गर्नुपर्ने स्थिति आज छैन।

समाजका अवयवहरु विविध हुन्छन् । समाज चल्ने विचारले पनि हो। वृद्ध, असहायलाई कसरी बुझेको छ त्यस‌ले पनि समाजको चित्र देखाउँछ। अनि समाजले सकारात्मक परिवर्तनलाई हेर्ने कुरा, ग्रहण गर्ने कुरा, एक पछि अर्को नकरात्मक कुरा गर्दै जाने, भएको राम्रालाई बुझ्न  नखोज्ने/ बुझाउन नखोज्ने कुरा अझ घातक छ । 

शब्द परिवर्तन, नाम फेरिने अनि गुह्य कुरो एकै हुने अवस्था नचिरिएको पनि धेरै नै भयो। नेपॉल राजकीय प्रज्ञा प्रतिष्ठानबाट नेपाल प्रज्ञाप्रतिष्ठान भयो । हलको नियमित मर्मत संभार भइरहेको होला पनि। तर पञ्चायतकालीन अवस्थामा थोरै मानिस सोचेर बनाइएको यही हल आजको दिनसम्म पनि सुस्ताउन नपाउने, अर्को यस्तै किसिमको हल नबन्ने, बनेको पनि जुन प्रयोजनका लागि हो, त्यस‌का लागि नभएर शक्तिपूज्न प्रयोग हुने हो भने हामीले बुझेको परिवर्तन नाममा नै सिमित रह्‌यो भन्दा गलत नहोला ।

नाम, पहिचान ठूलो हो। नामले तेतीबेला सही माने पाउला जब नामसंगै काम पनि जोडियोस्। नाम है पछि कुदेर कस्मेटिक परिवर्तनमा रमाउँदा नै चाहिएको विकास अनि परिवर्तन किस्सा नहोस्।

Enjoying nothing

Nothing sounds bit of negative tone but it is more of a comparative phenomenon rather than absolute on its own. To wise and enlightened everything is nothing and they dig philosophy of life from this nothingness. To laymen like us nothing is always problematic. Nothing in wallet, no balance on card. Read more

सेतो कालो

ओलीबाको भारत भ्रमण पछि सामाजिक सन्जाल एक किसिमले दुई चिरा परेको छ । एकथरिले भ्रमणलाई सफल, अभूतपूर्व देख्नु अनि अर्काले बेतुकको, परम्पराको निरन्तरता भनेका छ्न्। भ्रमणलाई सबै कुरो सल्टाउने कडी देख्ने र माग्ने कचौरा सोझ्याउने सही मौका हो भनी देखाउने चस्मालाई एकछिन छेउमा राख्ने हो भने यो सम्बन्ध प्रगाढ बनाउने मेसो हो, जसरी हामी छिमेकमा,साथीभाईकोमा ईष्टमित्रकोमा गएर आफ्नो सम्बन्धलाई ताजा बनाउछौँ । देशको प्रमको भ्रमण भएकाले धेर व्याख्या विश्लेषण हुनु पनि स्वभाविक नै होला ।

यहाँ चर्चा गर्न खोजिएको कुरो चाहिँ यो भ्रमणको विषयमा टिप्पणी गर्नु नभै राम्रो नराम्रो वा सफल असफल भनी राय दिनुको हतार किन भन्ने गम्नु हो ।

सामाजिक सन्जालमा सबै ज्ञानी देखिन्छ्न् । घरमा सानो कुरो नमिलेर आफ्नो दैनिकी खल्बलिएकाहरु नि छिमेक राष्ट्रका सम्बन्ध कसरी राम्रो बनाउनेमा केही हरफ मात्र नभै कार्यपत्र नै तयार गरि आफ्नो विशेषज्ञता प्रस्तुत गर्ने मौका ढुकिरहेका हुन्छ्न् । अनि ट्रम्पका अवसर र चुनौतिमा लम्बाचौढा जानसक्नेहरुलाई दैनिक जिवनका चुनौती र अवसर सोच्नु आफुलाई तुच्छ बनाउनु हो भन्ने निर्क्योल निकाल्न कसैले रोक्दोरहेनछ, छेक्दोरहेनछ ।

ल हेर्नुस फेरि विषयबाट हुत्तियो कुरो। चुरो कुरो चाहिँ के भने नि कालो र सेतोमा मात्र रङ देख्ने रोगले हामी गाँजिएका छौँ जब कि संसार अनि जीवन धेर समय कालो वा सेतोमा नभै कैलोमा रुमल्लिएको हुन्छ।

नागरिकताको फोटो हेर्नुस त कति पत्रु लाग्छ अनि फेसबुकको ब्युटीप्लसले बनाएको प्रोफाइल पिक्चर सोही अनुपातमा विपरित तर बिछट्टै राम्रो । हामी त न नागरिकताको फोटोमा जस्तै छ्म् न त फेसबुकका झै चिटिक्क, ती दुईको बीच तिर छम् कि कसो। अनि जब धेर कुरो औसतमा चलिरहेको र चलिरहने दैनिकी छ, अरु कुरो लाई शून्य वा सय मात्र जोख्ने तराजु अगाडि ल्याइहाल्ने हतारो बढो हास्यास्पद छ ।

कुरोको फोकस के भने नि अहिले त भएको भ्रमण मात्र न हो, भोलिका दिनका कार्यदिशाले पो सफलता मापन गर्ला अहिलेलाई पर्ख, हेर अनि धेर नबोल गर्दा राम्रै होला नि हैन र । अनि यो दुवै पक्षलाई सरकार अनि विपक्षी कै हकमा भनी टोपल्न खोजेको हो है। इति


In the pursuit of happiness we have made world flat. Yet this thing remains a far fetched to the materialistic world.

Have you ever heard people asking why somebody is unhappy with no reason?

No right. Cause we think people can be unhappier with no reasons. At the same time if we find a jolly person laughing we ask why are you smiling with no reason. Or we may even go further and take him as mentally challenged. So world wants unhappy people more but our body seeks happiness. Read more