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Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and goes on

सालिक र मालिक

सुधन सुवेदी @tweetsudhan

सालिक बीच सडकमा
मैलो फुस्रो
महिना दिन अघिका माला
ओइलाएका, सुकेका
हातमा बुरुस, चढ्न भर्र्याङ् भए
रङ्ग फेरिने भो सालिकको
सीमामा धावा बोल्ने बैरीमाथी जाई लाग्ने
रगत पानी सरह बगाउने
देश बचाउने सपूत आज सालिक

मालिक दरवार बस्छ
टलक्क टल्किने बस्त्र
अत्तरको गन्ध
किलोका माला
चाहिने मान्छे मात्रलाई भेटिन्छ
सेटिङ गर्छ, आकास पाताल जोड्छ
सालिकमा श्रद्धाञ्जली चढाउँछ
माल चिन्छ, किन्छ अनि बिक्छ
अनि पो मालिक कहलाउँछ

Thriving Tundikhel

Sudhan Subedi

Tundikhel is open. That’s it. It welcomes all irrespective of standards we live in; fabric we put on; face color we carry. And it is free.

People basking on sun definitely are getting yumm time; blessed are those who can fruits too while basking. As it gets busy with some programs sets, workers are having their meals.

Runners, walkers, joggers make round while lovers find corner holding hands of each other..vibrant, totally engaging, occupying.

Tundikhel has to be open from all sides, let people breathe. And for people not able to see the sun from their small rented space, this is a boon. For those having a rise in body glucose, this is a medicine. Sweat and breathe; shed, read, do anything under the sun and the moon, let Tundikhel be for all.

Photocredit: nepalnews

Illness to Wellness: Overcoming Constipation

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Things seemed fine,
Pace appeared steady,
Satisfactory discharge,
Health not too bad.

One fine day,
Doctor diagnosed constipation,
What was once okay looked fishy,
Pace observed fine was not so.

Discharge minimal,
Efforts larger than life,
Health teetering on the edge,
Moving with a constipated body became routine.

From afar, no trace of a problem,
To an experienced doctor’s eye,
Things were not at par,
Health at stake.

A constipated body, a preoccupation,
With a recommended lifestyle,
Things started falling into place with pace.

Life now infused with zeal,
Once okay proved not to be,
As at the end of the movie,
Things came to a happy end.

Digital Impermanence:Daily Deleting Stories


The evolution of sharing in the digital age marks a departure from the days of enduring posts that linger in memory over time. Previously, people posted content, and it endured, archived for the future. However, the current trend revolves around “Stories” – transient snippets that exist for a day, reflecting the impermanence of not just online content but also, metaphorically, the impermanence of life.

In this era, the essence is encapsulated in the brevity of a day, capturing the fleeting nature of experiences and narratives. Each day brings a new story, and the previous ones fade away, emphasizing the transitory nature of our digital expressions and, by extension, the ephemeral quality of life itself. This shift mirrors the philosophy of impermanence, encouraging us to embrace the present moment, as what’s shared today may be eclipsed by another story tomorrow. The concept underscores the beauty of living in the now and appreciating the transient, ever-changing nature of our digital and real-world narratives.

Whispers of Tomorrow’s Canvas

Sudhan Subedi

In the canvas of time, a mantra to borrow,
“There is always tomorrow,” whispers with a glow.
Patience, the key, unlocks the fate’s window,
Guiding through challenges, as life continues to flow.

In the game of existence, you emerge and grow,
Claiming victory, as destinies bestow.
Yet, a shadow lingers, a troop’s silent woe,
Deep within hearts, a sense of foreboding they stow.

A subtle unrest, like a hidden undertow,
An inkling that something’s awry, a subtle echo.
Tomorrow unfolds, time’s relentless throw,
The day will come when truth will finally show.

Hope persists, resilient, a beacon to follow,
Till the end, in hearts, it weaves a halo.
In the symphony of life, a melodic crescendo,
Hopeful spirits endure, undeterred by sorrow.

Nepal’s Responsible Adventure: Explore, Hike, Trek Mindfully

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

This year has witnessed an unprecedented surge in domestic travel, with a growing trend of utilizing holidays for exploration. Recent reports highlighted a significant influx of domestic tourists embarking on treks to regions like Everest, Rara, Khaptad, Annapurna, Langtang, Janakpur, Swargaddhari, Ilam, Shuklaphanta, Sindhuli, and Bandipur.

However, concerns have surfaced regarding accommodation and dining challenges at some destinations. While foreigners may face wait times to visit Nepal, locals find it more accessible. It is crucial to plan ahead to avoid issues with food and lodging, especially in areas with limited facilities.

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Echoes of Power: Unveiling untold stories from the Panchayat Era

उहिलेको नेपाल [Uhileko Nepal]

उहिलेको नेपाल [Uhileko Nepal] by Bhairab Risal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author of this captivating book is a seasoned journalist with a wealth of experience, delving into the intricacies of the Panchayat era. The narrative skillfully uncovers the untold stories of that time, providing a comprehensive understanding of the historical backdrop.

For those seeking a nuanced perspective on decision-making, bureaucracy, and the broader socio-political landscape during the Panchayat days, this book proves to be an invaluable resource. Its unique strength lies in the author’s ability to distill significant messages and captivating stories into concise 3-4 page chapters, making it an engaging and easily digestible read.

Risal, the adept storyteller, seamlessly weaves together narratives that transport the reader to the bygone era, creating a vivid tapestry of the past. The book serves as a fascinating window into the power dynamics, challenges, and triumphs of the Panchayat days, providing insights that may have otherwise remained hidden.

The brevity of each chapter encourages continuous reading, as readers find themselves drawn into the rich historical landscape painted by Risal’s words. The adept use of language and storytelling prowess ensures that the reader is not only informed but also entertained, making the journey through the book both enlightening and enjoyable.

This meticulously crafted work comes highly recommended for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Panchayat days. Risal’s ability to distill complex scenarios into succinct narratives makes this book an essential read, offering a valuable perspective on the decision-making processes and bureaucratic intricacies that shaped that era.

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Peaks and Valleys: Navigating Nepal’s Mountain Realities on Mountain Day

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal proudly boasts its identity as the home of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. However, the scenic landscapes and majestic mountains tell a story beyond the thrill of conquering summits. As we celebrate Nepal’s Mountain Day, it’s crucial to unravel the challenges faced by mountain communities, from the harsh realities of life to the impact of climate change.

Living on the Edge:
Life in the mountains is a relentless adventure, where resilience becomes a way of life. The harsh climate and melting glaciers pose existential threats to these communities. As global temperatures rise, the delicate balance of ecosystems is disrupted, affecting not only the locals but also the breathtaking landscapes that draw adventurers from around the world.

Agricultural Woes:
The once fertile fields face the brunt of climate change, with crops like potatoes rotting before they can reach the markets. The struggle to sustain agriculture becomes a battle against time and unpredictable weather, highlighting the vulnerability of mountain livelihoods.

Financial Altitude:
While the mountains stand tall, the cost of living soars higher. Basic necessities like charging a mobile phone or accessing hot water come at a premium. Even in the remote Everest region, where every step is a breath-taking feat, ATMs get refilled via helicopter, showcasing the extraordinary measures required to keep economic wheels turning at high altitudes.

A Call to Contribute:
Nepal’s Mountain Day serves as a poignant reminder that it’s time to rally support for these resilient communities. As visitors, we must go beyond admiring the views and contribute to sustainable initiatives that benefit the locals directly. Whether it’s supporting eco-friendly practices, promoting responsible tourism, or engaging in community projects, every effort counts in preserving the beauty and culture of Nepal’s mountainous regions.

Beyond the allure of Everest’s summit lies a complex tapestry of challenges faced by the mountain communities of Nepal. This Mountain Day, let’s not only celebrate the breathtaking landscapes but also commit to being stewards of change. By acknowledging the struggles and actively contributing to the well-being of these communities, we can ensure that Nepal’s mountains continue to captivate generations to come.

Echoes Across Decades: A Stage Unchanged

Sudhan Subedi

In a realm where decades dance, change unfurls,
Power scatters, the ordinary in decision whirls.
The stage, unyielding, holds its curtain tight,
As ordinary souls shape the script of the night.

Creative diaspora leaps past television’s squares,
YouTube’s dawn, and more, ascent in pairs.
Yet, here on this stage, a familiar encore,
In my hand, a mike, as memories implore.

A school day’s cultural echo, the mike was mine,
Announcing, orchestrating, making moments shine.
Three decades hence, in the parent’s embrace,
I sit, watching children on this timeless space.

Same stage, same curtain, clock at its height,
Roles have pivoted, yet the ground feels right.
The rhythm of time, an unyielding decree,
In the auditorium of life, where moments agree.

Unmasking the Digital Mirage

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Friends’ dog is ill, a solemn sigh,
While another finds love in the sky.
Flying on a holiday so high,
New job and dreams, reaching for the sky.

Broken people, hearts entwined,
Bones that fracture, souls maligned.
In this tapestry of life we bind,
Through every trial, we’re designed.

Issues hitting us like waves that churn,
A war within, we must discern.
Forget the battles that made us yearn,
For peace and love, let’s take our turn.

In this age of screens, so bright,
Social media’s endless fight.
Killing time with every byte,
Let’s seek connections that feel right.