Yarsa Gumba (latin name cordyceps sinesis) is botanically a fungus. Unlike other fungus it has high value. Used as sex stimulant it has medicinal value as well.

When collection season of it nears schools are shut close in mountain region of Nepal. Dolpa, Jajarkot, Rukum, Salyan are the districts where people leave their homes for a month at least and villages are abandoned.

photo courtesy the himalayan times

As students in schools of Dolpa are not seen teachers found their spare time used for contract police service in local election. They say they have rightly used their time.

People with low economic level use their children for collection of yarsa. Children find yarsa and pick them in less time. While their family will be able to make some money their study remain in doldrums.

This year too District Education Office has issued notice not to close schools in Dolpa. It is feared for its minimal effect as students have ceased coming before a week of collection season. Notice of this nature seems to be of no effect until family is ensured income so that children are spared.

In our part of world more than terrorist attack or other serious reasons yarsa has been reason of school absence of students.