Laid back does not sound positive let us ask why are we relaxed?

When people are on road around 0945 hrs to catch office for 1000 hrs and there is a traffic congestion which seems not to open by another half an hour we show no sign of hurry. Well to be cool in all situation is great on itself but being super cool and not responding on time is traumatic.

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So going back to issue again what can be the reason for being super cool when one is required to be hot? People seem not bothered of not reaching on time here. This fact is justified when there is greater traffic congestion around 10 am. Had they started on time from home, may be half an hour before congestion would be around that time not and around 10.

For this very genuine behavior (as done time and again) I asked friend of mine reason behind. His answer was very convincing. Human civilization was more related to weather and climate. People shifted their residence from adverse to good climate. There are parts of the world where people if don’t clear snow on their roofs weight of it will create havoc, might even penetrate roof. So they are left with no option to clearing snow as it deposits. In this case they can’t take chance saying I will do tomorrow. They are bound to clear asap.

We are on the other part of the world where mother nature has blessed more then what we deserved. Climate is superb. Round the year terrific weather in most parts of the country. This good thing has created a lazy habit of saying tomorrow for the things which could be done today. No hurry. No worries.

Let us keep this super cool attitude for now but lets do things on time too. What say folks?