What’s in name?

Name is your brand, your identity and pin code.

After demolition of monarchy from the country we tried changing names sitting on palaces built by Rana who were also washed some 66 years ago. They were feudal, they were anti democracy elements but still the structures mostly of government offices were built by them. And at present even not being able to take good care of those infrastructures we are busy changing names.

Some activists even go further..why history why not hertory? Why ladies are addressed only ladies while men are called gentlemen?? For me these issues make little or no difference as long as crux of the matter remains same. Just by naming something different people have not excelled magically neither traditionally named people are behind.

Also there is no point to invite war in names of addresses as stated earlier. People should be given their space-right space and be not judged on basis of caste, ethnicity or where they belong. If it just for sake of improving debate skill is OK otherwise why to be fooled?