Tourism is not the subject which should be covered all over. Destinations with competitive advantage get popular as a tourist place. That is why we keep on hearing names of few destinations quite often while few are missed all the time.

Nepal has tremendous tourism possibility be it nature, adventure or culture. Some destinations which in past was termed inaccessible is now more frequented thanks to growing popularity of social and online media.

Rara lake is one of them. Exclusive. Pristine.


Such a beautiful part of the globe was not reaching to its lovers. Now it is reaching by leap and bounds. People even have done bullet ride. Trekking and reaching is more than welcome, bullet ride seems bit out of proportion.

Rara is remembered not only for its unparalleled beauty but also for critical ecosystem it has. As long as we shall be able to keep ecosystem alive beauty remains. Activities of mass consumption may contribute to degenerate its’ charisma.

We need to act on time lets not turn Rara to Phewa.