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अर्को सगरमाथाको खोजीमा पुष्कर शाह

आज सगरमाथा दिवस । सगरमाथा चढ्ने, फेदमा पुग्ने मात्र हैन, हेरेर दङ्ग पर्नेका लागि पनि ठूलो चाड । सगरमाथाका कुरा चुलिरहँदा आजै भेट्ने मौका जुर्यो पुष्कर शाहसँग । उनको परिचय साइकल यात्री जसले १५० देश आफ्नो साइकलमा पार गरे मात्रै भन्दा पनि अपूरै होला । सगरमाथा पनि चढे । तेसैले पनि आजका दिन उनका कुरा बुन्दा सान्दर्भिक नै होला भन्ने ठम्याइका साथ लेख्दैछु ।अलि अगाडि अष्ट्रेलियामा भाँडा माझ्दैछु भन्दै टिभी कार्यक्रममा भक्कानिएका थिए । यो कुरोले केही दिन बजार ततायो । उनी फर्के देश, आफ्नै अभियानमा लागे । अनि अहिले फेरि साइकलमा विश्व भ्रमण गर्ने निर्णयमा पुगे । उनको अष्ट्रेलिया बसाइमा आर्थिकोपार्जनका लागि गरेको मिहेनतलाई देखेर टिप्पणी गर्ने जानकारहरु सेलाएका पनि थिएनन् होला शाहलाई भने अर्को सगरमाथाले तानिसकेछ । उनको आफ्नै सगरमाथा, साइकलको संसार । Read more

How is weather in #Nepal? Can we move around??

For reaching fair venue in #Vienna #Austria we deep our feet in snow. With snow reaching tip of nose we cruise to our destination. And to our surprise people coming on the fair ask about weather. The primary concern is about their mobility in Nepal. Will they be able to bear the cold? When Vienna is 2 on degree Celsius we are having sun on 17. Things are not much different. We are country with highest peak and they think all over temperature freezing.

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All in a day #photoNepal

Life is not easy here and elsewhere too..

Each one of us go through own cycle of problem-solution and this we call life.

Some snaps which was captured today on a walk to nearby.

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Together we go..vehicle and we..#nepalkopage

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Disturb me knot #nepalkopage

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Bike riding on the go..#nepalkopage

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All in a day #nepalkopage Vehicle with loaded bamboo

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गेट वेल सुन ट्रम्प दाजु

जमाना नै झगडाको छ, रियालिटी शोका टिआरपी यस्तै झगडाले बढेको छ । एकअर्कालाई गालीगलौज गर्दा हेर्ने मान्छेलाई फिल्मी सिन झैं घतलाग्दो हुनेरहेछ तेही भएर अहिले रिस, झगडा, बिकाउ छ । उबेला माया पिरेम बाँडम् भनिन्थ्यो यस्तै कुरो देखाइन्थ्यो अहिले तेस्तो ट्याम रहेन, धुमधढाका, झापड, मुरम¥याइ मसला बनेको छ । र यस्तै संसार जो हामी बाँची रहेका छौं तेसको असली पहरेदारका रुपमा ट्रम्प दाजु खडा छन् ।

ट्वीटर उनका गाली अनि घृणाले अझ बढी चलायमान छ् । कसैले त उनलाई ट्वीटरबाट हटाउन ट्वीटर नै किन्नपर्ने भन्दै चन्दा संकलन सुरु गरिपनिसके । उनकै नियमित गालीको सिरिजमा यसपालि हाम्रै नम्बर आएको छ । उनले नर्कको प्वालजस्तो देश नेपालबाट अमेरिकामा किन मान्छे आउँछन् भनेछन् । दक्षिण छिमेकीबाट सानो छुसुक्क केही आएको भए यसले सबैलाई कोटा पुरयाउँथ्यो । विशेषत आन्दोलनकर्ता, टायर बेच्ने, समाचारवालालाई अनि अन्ध राष्ट्रवादको गीत बजाएर जनताको आँखामा छारो हाल्नेलाई ।

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Blame Weather you are saved

For not doing there are many reasons out of these #weather tops the lists. Bad weather is blamed in most of the occasions. If we look at the subject more precisely it takes no time to understand weather too is relative phenomenon. There are places where in a year we see less than 50 days of sunshine. For people from those areas our bad weather is a bliss and a festival to celebrate. Read more

ropain rocks

Rice planting commonly called ropain in Nepali is also the festival to cherish and chill.

For those who don’t get chance to touch mud this is the occasion.

Got a chance to witness it Budhisera, Nuwakot on Ashad 15 (June 19)of Nepali calendar.

Tried first video blog, please have a look.

Part of problem or solution??

A decision from court was received. Good thing decision came after a long wait. And here came crux of the matter which was home of all problems. Decision was interpreted on such contrasting ways that both conflicting parties were happy thinking decision on their favor.

Hmm..why decisions of court can’t come in easy understable form? Hiring another law practisioner just to know what court decided is not so funny.

Leave court come to medical. When printed decision is not understandable how can you expect handwriting of doctors be readable. Well medicines name can be traced by pharmacists but what s/he identified the problem and his plan of cure are right of patients. This is rediculous. 

Things and matters of public consumption should be clear and understandable even by 5th grader. If we are seeing this mess as opportunity to make money then we are not having spirit of business. Grow up guys and think big.

While we don’t get tired saying we are for soltion let’s do honest review whether we are part of problems or not???


Why are we laid back?

Laid back does not sound positive let us ask why are we relaxed?

When people are on road around 0945 hrs to catch office for 1000 hrs and there is a traffic congestion which seems not to open by another half an hour we show no sign of hurry. Well to be cool in all situation is great on itself but being super cool and not responding on time is traumatic.

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Mountains! No More!! Really??

What comes in mind when you hear Nepal?

Mountains and the Everest. Comes a quick reply.

Well for most of us we argue Nepal has been introduced more than enough with white mountains and the Everest, there are much more beyond.

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wifi refugees

After staying in a hotel while checking out bill comes out something like this:

room- 10





What would be your reaction?

Weird. OMG!! Read more

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