For not doing there are many reasons out of these #weather tops the lists. Bad weather is blamed in most of the occasions. If we look at the subject more precisely it takes no time to understand weather too is relative phenomenon. There are places where in a year we see less than 50 days of sunshine. For people from those areas our bad weather is a bliss and a festival to celebrate.


Again for people who drink any reasons are merely occasions for drinking. When there is cloud and day is dark you open bottle, when it rains there is no pint to miss drinks and for god shake when there s hot sun you go for a drink saying what a day!

Blaming weather is the most common thing we do. And blaming others (not self) is face saving measures for things not done. The whole point of this description lies on great understanding that weather is not absolute but more of relative/comparative complexity and in many ways it is individual discretion. More than creating a buzz and fuss about it we need to keep going. And as we go we cross the place where there was bad weather (or might find even worse place). So lets keep walking.