Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and butter..life goes on

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Enjoying nothing

Nothing sounds bit of negative tone but it is more of a comparative phenomenon rather than absolute on its own. To wise and enlightened everything is nothing and they dig philosophy of life from this nothingness. To laymen like us nothing is always problematic. Nothing in wallet, no balance on card. Read more


We live in age of flash speed. Get things done in no time and have no patience.

When I refer patience it is precisely for waiting. How much impatient we become when friend reads the message and does not reply?

This wizard tool has brought people together. Do you really believe so? Read more

Dead Sea, dead relations

Sea is dead that is why it is dead sea. No life, no microorganisms. It has salt on it and people float when they let their body go on water.

It has importance from biblical era. It is in Israel. While it beeing deepest surface on earth we boast as highest point, Everest. There is somehow connection. That is why in 2012 stone from Everest region was kept on dead sea and viceversa.  Read more


कोही महान् आत्माले भनेका थिए, चुरोटको एक छेउमा धुँवा हुन्छ अर्कोमा उल्लु ।

यसरी हेर्दा उल्लु नै उल्लुले संसार भरिएको हुनुपर्छ । चुरोट खाने भन्ने बित्तिकै दिमागमा पुरुषको शरीर धुवाँले

निल्लिएको ओठ, बोल्दा चुरोटको गन्ध यस्तै चित्र दिमागमा आउँछ ।

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Do more of what makes you happy

At times we busy ourselves on issues of others so much that we forget what makes us happy.  Yes our body is made out of love and passion and this can only do well on these grounds.  And to make environment of love and passion we at least have to keep ourselves happy; forget what others are to..

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Blame Weather you are saved

For not doing there are many reasons out of these #weather tops the lists. Bad weather is blamed in most of the occasions. If we look at the subject more precisely it takes no time to understand weather too is relative phenomenon. There are places where in a year we see less than 50 days of sunshine. For people from those areas our bad weather is a bliss and a festival to celebrate. Read more

Suggestions! Why?

A friend of mine after reading my blogs comments opinion and suggestion part are missing.

When an issue is presented it is fair in part of reader to see for solution for it. I see the other way.  Read more