Nothing sounds bit of negative tone but it is more of a comparative phenomenon rather than absolute on its own. To wise and enlightened everything is nothing and they dig philosophy of life from this nothingness. To laymen like us nothing is always problematic. Nothing in wallet, no balance on card.

Meditation is not focusing on one but vacating mind from bundle of thoughts. When we start enjoying nothing we are all in meditation mode. A person by profession whose one second or even fractions of second means life and death like bomb disposal experts, doctors are more composed and they try to make themselves away from hustle bustle of crowd. This in a way is creating nothingness in everything.

At other hand temptation, desire, want these near us to the hollow of problems. Let the soul be done from wish and let us not desire some other being to fulfill it. We have happiness and sadness both embedded very deep on us; matter is what we bring to surface.

Come be a part. Enjoy nothing!