We live in age of flash speed. Get things done in no time and have no patience.

When I refer patience it is precisely for waiting. How much impatient we become when friend reads the message and does not reply?

This wizard tool has brought people together. Do you really believe so?

How long has it been you sat for a coffee with your friends? Have you seen your close friends in a while??

Often when we are in touch we give a damn to these questions. So close and yet so far.

World has changed so do our priorities and way we live. When regular meeting over a cup of coffee is replaced with chat within frame of mobile it has definitely made us reachable but somehow we lost warmth of relations which was build on sweat and smell.

Now to add further this restlessness and impatience are ever growing which have made life more miserable. We were happier on postal age. Then came email and now messenger.

And we all see all thing within small area of mobile device which makes us further sad. Life is beyond it. In thunders, breeze, also on rains and wet, on mountains and its calmness. Need to bring world within to a front and cheers life.