Sea is dead that is why it is dead sea. No life, no microorganisms. It has salt on it and people float when they let their body go on water.

It has importance from biblical era. It is in Israel. While it beeing deepest surface on earth we boast as highest point, Everest. There is somehow connection. That is why in 2012 stone from Everest region was kept on dead sea and viceversa. It is dead as water is dried and what remains is salt which makes no life possible. This teaches important life lesson when relation sees only negatives only what remains is hatred and at this point relation ends.

Well dead sea is something to see, visit and experience but dead relation is definitely not what we long for. Let life take its course, let their be goodness visible and all dark be hidden. Truth is there is no absolute white and dark. Lets live in between and love eachother.