In our part of the world who speaks nice is hero. We clap on what someone says while same person time again fails on the grounds of performance. Also news too makes headlines on what politicians says to what has been done.

This has made us more plastic. We comfort the situation while problems remain untouched. Being away from problem may give us peace of mind momentarily but not for always. Things come again with a bang.

Nepal has done good with successful completion of elections. Things look rosy for now. One who is elected might be exercising for his place in cabinet of state or in the center. In the meantime what we commoner have been promised is kept at the bay. After one it leads to series of other urgent issues and politicians busy themselves on speeches and inaugurations. Things have been in this fashion for long.

We wanted change badly. More than good speaker we really want doer. Who does, performs.

Change agents who work not for instant fame are at large. Let there be light.