In the pursuit of happiness we have made world flat. Yet this thing remains a far fetched to the materialistic world.

Have you ever heard people asking why somebody is unhappy with no reason?

No right. Cause we think people can be unhappier with no reasons. At the same time if we find a jolly person laughing we ask why are you smiling with no reason. Or we may even go further and take him as mentally challenged. So world wants unhappy people more but our body seeks happiness.

And we wish all happiness and joys in people life. If we all have all happiness it will have no value. If it is a mix bag of bit pain and more joys we celebrate every moment of happiness be it small.

When pains and happiness coexist we know the value of being happy in small things. It can also be possible we come across lot o f instances where we were supposed to be happy but we end being wanting big things to happen in life. Phewww! big thin, big joy. Life is not a goal always it is a journey to enjoy. People we can wish them to be good but fact is all of them are not. Equally true fact all are not bad too. Lets be happy in moments. Every day is new and challenge to better.