Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In the glossy report’s gleaming pages so fair,
People with beaming smiles pose with grace to share,
Great write-ups, names etched with bold acclaim,
In this tale of unwavering commitment, they’ve found their fame.

A saga of heroism, a tribute to leadership so bright,
Yet, it doesn’t capture the sweat and blood, hidden from sight.
For those in the background, toiling in silence’s shroud,
No fuss, no buzz, they remain hidden from the crowd.

Unsung heroes who never enter our memory’s keep,
Their main concern, not to worry, not to weep.
Their sweat goes unnoticed, their blood and pain concealed,
In this glossy report, their sacrifices stand unrevealed.

So, the report may gleam with a surface so fine,
But beneath it lies a world, their stories entwined.
In silence, they work, and their presence is pure,
Though the report may seem glossy, their struggles endure.