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Echoes Across Decades: A Stage Unchanged

Sudhan Subedi

In a realm where decades dance, change unfurls,
Power scatters, the ordinary in decision whirls.
The stage, unyielding, holds its curtain tight,
As ordinary souls shape the script of the night.

Creative diaspora leaps past television’s squares,
YouTube’s dawn, and more, ascent in pairs.
Yet, here on this stage, a familiar encore,
In my hand, a mike, as memories implore.

A school day’s cultural echo, the mike was mine,
Announcing, orchestrating, making moments shine.
Three decades hence, in the parent’s embrace,
I sit, watching children on this timeless space.

Same stage, same curtain, clock at its height,
Roles have pivoted, yet the ground feels right.
The rhythm of time, an unyielding decree,
In the auditorium of life, where moments agree.

Unmasking the Digital Mirage

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Friends’ dog is ill, a solemn sigh,
While another finds love in the sky.
Flying on a holiday so high,
New job and dreams, reaching for the sky.

Broken people, hearts entwined,
Bones that fracture, souls maligned.
In this tapestry of life we bind,
Through every trial, we’re designed.

Issues hitting us like waves that churn,
A war within, we must discern.
Forget the battles that made us yearn,
For peace and love, let’s take our turn.

In this age of screens, so bright,
Social media’s endless fight.
Killing time with every byte,
Let’s seek connections that feel right.

Grounded Dreams

Sudhan Subedi

Kites don’t fly, but dreams fly high,
In the open sky, reaching for the sky.
Hands that held the string now sigh,
As dreams take flight, and so do I.

One pair of hands seeks foreign lands,
Chasing dreams with open hands.
While those who leave face scolding cries,
The ones who make them leave, in praise they rise.

In the sky’s canvas, dreams take their flight,
A symbol of change in the sun’s warm light.
Grounded are the kites of every shape and hue,
But dreams soar high, forever true

Silent Heroes: Beyond the Glossy Report

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In the glossy report’s gleaming pages so fair,
People with beaming smiles pose with grace to share,
Great write-ups, names etched with bold acclaim,
In this tale of unwavering commitment, they’ve found their fame.

A saga of heroism, a tribute to leadership so bright,
Yet, it doesn’t capture the sweat and blood, hidden from sight.
For those in the background, toiling in silence’s shroud,
No fuss, no buzz, they remain hidden from the crowd.

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Afghanistan’s Triumph Over England Unites a Nation in Turmoil

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Sports have an incredible ability to transcend boundaries and bring people together in unexpected and natural ways. Afghanistan’s recent victory over England in the Cricket World Cup serves as a prime example of this phenomenon. While the country is currently experiencing a period of turmoil, their triumph on the cricket field is a testament to the unifying power of sports.

This victory represents Afghanistan’s second win in the history of the World Cup, and it is a moment of immense pride for the nation. In the face of challenges and adversity, the Afghan cricket team has showcased their determination and resilience. Their achievement on the global stage is not just a sporting triumph but also a symbol of hope and inspiration for their country.

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यो रेडियो नेपाल हो

सुधन सुवेदी

बुट्टे कपडाको खोल
घाममा सुकाई सुकाई अलिअली चल्ने भएको ब्याट्री
त्यसकै दममा गाउँ नै थर्काउने रेडियो
चलाउने मान्छे जबरजस्त अनुशासनमा बसेर
खोल्ने, बटार्ने अनि बन्द गर्ने सबैको नियमित तालिका
विहानको शंखध्वनिबाट रातको फर्माइसी गीतसम्म अटुट
बीचबीचमा समाचार
सासै नफेरी सुन्नेको भीड
यो रेडियो नेपाल हो
क्या गजब थिए दिन
समाचारले नै भरपुर मनोरन्जन गराउने समय
रेडियो, श्यामस्वेत ढ्वाङ टिवी, रङीन, पातलो हुँदै स्मार्ट टिवी
टिवी स्मार्ट नपुगी मोबाइल नि स्मार्ट
हातहातमा समाचार
बातबातमा टिकटक
रेडियोले एकतर्फी सुनायो सुनेम्
वाणी, उपदेश फुक्यो हल्लिम्
रेडियोबाट च्याटबोटमा पुग्यो प्रविधि
पात्र फेरियो फेरिएन प्रवृत्ति
नियम नमान्ने हाकिम
हाकिम रिझाउने कारिन्दा
नसकिने फन्दा
गलत नहुने हाकिम
सही नहुने कारिन्दा
जग उही, जागिर उही
हो हजुर यो रेडियो नेपाल हो

Embracing the Setting Sun: Finding Solace and Harmony in Life’s Impermanence

As the sun tends to set, it imparts a subtle meaning to life, reminding us of its impermanence. It serves as a gentle nudge to slow down and taper down our hectic pace.

The setting sun symbolizes the passage of time and the inevitability of change. It prompts us to pause, reflect, and find solace in the transient nature of our existence. Just as the sun gracefully descends, we too can learn to embrace life’s natural rhythm, allowing ourselves to rest, rejuvenate, and seek balance.

Slowing down enables us to cultivate mindfulness and deepen our connections with ourselves and others. It grants us the opportunity to savor life’s simple pleasures, engage in self-reflection, and revel in the beauty that surrounds us. It encourages us to relinquish the constant pursuit of the future and find contentment in the present.

Ultimately, the setting sun whispers a subtle message: to find harmony and peace within ourselves. It urges us to release our attachment to permanence, to accept life’s impermanence, and to embrace the ebb and flow of existence. In doing so, we discover solace, wisdom, and a profound appreciation for the fleeting moments that compose our journey.

धेरै चिज छैन, धैर्य छ

सुधन सुवेदी

१४ वर्षको वनबास भोगे
रावण मारे अन्तिममा रामले
हनुमानले रामसीता छातीमा टाँगे

बगेको खोलो थियो
प्यासी किनारामा थिए
पालैपिलो सबैले प्यास मेटाए
जसै पिउन पानी हात डुबाइयो
खोला एकाएक धमिलियो

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Woman and child

The image of a woman with a child on her back collecting dead leaves is a beautiful representation of the changing seasons. Spring is in full swing, and the old is being replaced with the new. The child on her back watches as she bends down to collect the leaves, and the mother’s actions seem to fascinate and intrigue the child. Perhaps she is too young to understand the concept of change, but the mother’s actions are a clear indication of the cycle of life.

As the mother collects the leaves, she tries to console the child. Her words are reassuring and comforting, and her narration is one that is shared by mothers everywhere. It is a universal experience, and it reminds us of the power of maternal love.

This scene also highlights the issue of pollution, which is at its peak during the cold days. However, the child is far removed from these harsh realities and is instead enjoying the warmth and safety of his mother’s embrace.

In the urban areas, mothers in bungalows talk to their beloved children in the same way, trying to reassure and comfort them in a world that can often seem chaotic and unpredictable. Despite the challenges we face, the love between a mother and her child is a constant source of strength and hope, reminding us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

नाम डट कम

‘होली’ होइन ‘फागु’ । आफ्नो संस्कृति जोगाउनुपर्छ, के भन्ने कुरा पनि सिकाउनुपर्छ। बुज्रुग जमातले शब्दमा आफ्नो पराई देखी राख्दा होलीको फेरिएको स्वरूप देखेन । यो फेराई गहन छ, अनि स्वागत‌योग्य पनि । सानामा होलीको एक हप्ता अगाडिदेखि नै बाटामा हिँड्ने सबै – चिन्ने नचिन्नेलाई लोला हानेर फोहर‌ पानी छ्‌यापेर मनाउँदै आएको यो चाड अहिले चिनेका साथीहरू आफन्तहरू माझ मनाउने, रमाइलो गर्ने रुपमा विकसित भएको छ। युवाजमातले यसलाई रङ्ग उत्सव अनि नाँच्ने गाउने पर्वका रूपमा देख्नु सुखद छ । फागु पूर्णिमालाई नै भनेर २/३ दिन अघि स्कूल कलेज बन्द गर्नुपर्ने स्थिति आज छैन।

समाजका अवयवहरु विविध हुन्छन् । समाज चल्ने विचारले पनि हो। वृद्ध, असहायलाई कसरी बुझेको छ त्यस‌ले पनि समाजको चित्र देखाउँछ। अनि समाजले सकारात्मक परिवर्तनलाई हेर्ने कुरा, ग्रहण गर्ने कुरा, एक पछि अर्को नकरात्मक कुरा गर्दै जाने, भएको राम्रालाई बुझ्न  नखोज्ने/ बुझाउन नखोज्ने कुरा अझ घातक छ । 

शब्द परिवर्तन, नाम फेरिने अनि गुह्य कुरो एकै हुने अवस्था नचिरिएको पनि धेरै नै भयो। नेपॉल राजकीय प्रज्ञा प्रतिष्ठानबाट नेपाल प्रज्ञाप्रतिष्ठान भयो । हलको नियमित मर्मत संभार भइरहेको होला पनि। तर पञ्चायतकालीन अवस्थामा थोरै मानिस सोचेर बनाइएको यही हल आजको दिनसम्म पनि सुस्ताउन नपाउने, अर्को यस्तै किसिमको हल नबन्ने, बनेको पनि जुन प्रयोजनका लागि हो, त्यस‌का लागि नभएर शक्तिपूज्न प्रयोग हुने हो भने हामीले बुझेको परिवर्तन नाममा नै सिमित रह्‌यो भन्दा गलत नहोला ।

नाम, पहिचान ठूलो हो। नामले तेतीबेला सही माने पाउला जब नामसंगै काम पनि जोडियोस्। नाम है पछि कुदेर कस्मेटिक परिवर्तनमा रमाउँदा नै चाहिएको विकास अनि परिवर्तन किस्सा नहोस्।