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Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and butter..life goes on

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Beyond roast and rust

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In the cycle of life, roast or rust,
Beyond mere existence, we’re thrust.
Engrossed in sessions, minds confined,
Roasting each other, but are we blind?

The speaker, with wisdom, holds the floor,
Yet sees not the rust, the ones ignored.
Learned and educated, par excellence,
While others languish, lost in pretense.

They lack the basics, yet strut with pride,
In their self-made bubbles, they hide.
For knowing all, they fail to see,
The world beyond, where others plea.

Self-rusted, they roast in their own flame,
A cycle of ignorance, it’s such a shame.
Roasted by rust, they’re consumed,
Yet blind to the world, where hope is entombed.

The cycle persists, in its relentless churn,
As we fail to see, fail to learn.
Beyond the roast, beyond the rust,
Exists a world, waiting to be just.

Silent Heroes: Beyond the Glossy Report

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In the glossy report’s gleaming pages so fair,
People with beaming smiles pose with grace to share,
Great write-ups, names etched with bold acclaim,
In this tale of unwavering commitment, they’ve found their fame.

A saga of heroism, a tribute to leadership so bright,
Yet, it doesn’t capture the sweat and blood, hidden from sight.
For those in the background, toiling in silence’s shroud,
No fuss, no buzz, they remain hidden from the crowd.

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छोरो @११

सेक्रेट सुपरस्टार । क्लाइमेक्समा को हो सुपरस्टार भन्ने डायलग गज्जब लाग्छ । एउटा गीत हिट भएपछि अहिलेका कलाकारलाई स्टारडम अनि फ्यान सबै मिल्छ । रातारात सबै बद्लिन्छ । पराइ आफन्त भइसक्छन् । जमिन आकास भइसक्छ । होलसेलमा भन्दा समय पहिलेजस्तो हुँदैन । र ब्याकग्राउण्डलाई अलि फोकस गरेर हेर्दा यस्तो स्थिति आउनुमा अभिभावकको भूमिका के हुन्छ त्यो भनेर अनि लेखेर शब्द किन खर्चिनु ? जगजाहेर छ, सबैचिजमा कम्प्रमाइज भए नि आफ्ना सन्तानका कुरामा बलबुताँले भ्याएसम्म, नभ्याए अन्य माध्यमबाट पनि सन्तानका सपनालाई यथार्थको धरातल मिलाउन आकास जमिन एक पार्छन नै अभिभावकले ।

यत्रो स्टोरी बुनेको अलिकति क्रेडिट पाम भन्ने लोभले पनि हो है । छोरोको एघारौं जन्मदिन, अवसर नै सही केही लेख्न सुरिएको । Read more

Forget philosophy see things minutely

Trending is listening to some enlightened souls. S/He gathers people who follow, listen, write about him, all in all make gossip going. They talk about what we consider small things- about love, hatred, empathy which are forgotten part of our life. May be this rejuvenation brings life close to basics and basics have all philosophies embedded within.

While riding bicycle-balance is the key and for it you should be moving, moment you stop riding balance is lost.

Babysitting- you might be know-all but you need to know the situations and be prepared to go for which is not right, not appropriate, not logical. Yet we do as it makes our loved ones happy. Life always don’t run on logic a bit pinch of stupidity works at times.
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Living life in moments

Every morning before banging on we stand in front of 2 alternatives. Continue what we were doing which is being on bed or come out of comfort and get going. Lucky are those who choose the second option. Luck too favors to those who try to stand on their own.

Life is raw; we are chef and how to cook/what to cook is absolutely is on our hands. At times we complicate things. Relationships depend on two facets. One how you take it and the other how next person takes. Sometimes we stand at such crossroads of lives where we have complete new understandings of it and contradicting. Distance in true relations really don’t matter. Only thing- how much you are available.
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Face Book vs facebook

Are you facing your book or facebooking? 

Reading has become obsolete as we are more sharing. People who have written no single line are working on caption on their photoshoped picture. 

Life is no real. People are plastic. So are emotions. 

Seems like world is at tandem with music being played. And yes no music is created. Whole set of orchestra has gathered not for symphony but for making people happy. When people happy we realize lately their happiness is fake.

Fake world has made social media an inevitable. People are living without brushing teeth for days but cant be away from mobile even for a minute. 

Coming back to topic, we used to face book we were happy. Also with snail mail life was at pace. When a postman brought a letter written to you there was happiness at par. Now people who used to write letter is at your screen coming live to you. Still we are not happy. 

World has come at mobile. Mobile is not life. It is stagnant. You are not travelling. Smart watch says it is time to move and we don’t. Machine has mastered us. 

Just a reality check. Number of posts you shared, liked today, were they really nice and you shared. Hmm things have become complicated a bit. Technology which has to medium is ruling us. This is where we need to be smart. 


Science applies to every aspect of life. Even on issues that are beyond parameters of its scope can be explained. When we are stressed small things becomes big, unachievable and pose challenge.

 It is not that things have become big but we let it be. We are so much trapped that we are not able to come out. Things remain. Its poison spreads on geometric progression. We loose our patience. Read more

Between mr. late and late mr.

Life is a journey. It is a common statement.

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In a more realistic way we embark on a journey to reach on time be it school, college, office or any other appointments. We offcourse don’t want to be mr. late and end up being late mr…

So a day comes when we bid adeu everything. That day will mark us as late infront of our name and then after we never get late.

Yep! in between mr.late and late mr… life goes on..

So let’s give a damn to worries and chill. Lets live life as it comes..

अंक र अनुभूति

जिन्दगी जिउन जान्नेका लागि उमेर खालि अंक मात्र हाे । प्रत्येक साल याे अंक एक बिन्दुले माथि मात्र चढ्छ ।

अर्काेतिर नजान्नेका लागि मृत्युकाे नजिक हुनु हाेला, शक्तिकाे क्षय हुनु पनि हाेला र अन्य यावत् कुराे नि हुनसक्ला ।

अाखिर एक पलमा  जिन्दगी जिउनेहरूलाइ याे हरेक दिन उत्सव हाे ।

विकास प्रगति अंकमा धेर समेटिदैन हाेला । अंकमा संसार हल्लाउनेले  जिन्दगीका अनेक अंकहरू बेस्वादमा खल्लाे बिताएका छन् । अाज यति बाटाे कालाेपत्रे बनाइयाे भनेर विकास भनिराख्दा भाेलि नै त्याे उक्किदा  ती संख्याकाे मजाक मात्र हुनजान्छ ।

जिवनका धेरै महत्वपूर्ण पाटाहरू संख्यामा देखाउन सकिदैंन । माया, पीडा, चाेट, खुसीकाे मापन गर्ने तराजु छैन ।

अनुभवले नै मानिसलाइ परिपक्व बनाउँछ । अंकमा धेर हुने हाेडमा अनुभवमा पछि परियाे कि साेचनीय छ ।