Every morning before banging on we stand in front of 2 alternatives. Continue what we were doing which is being on bed or come out of comfort and get going. Lucky are those who choose the second option. Luck too favors to those who try to stand on their own.

Life is raw; we are chef and how to cook/what to cook is absolutely is on our hands. At times we complicate things. Relationships depend on two facets. One how you take it and the other how next person takes. Sometimes we stand at such crossroads of lives where we have complete new understandings of it and contradicting. Distance in true relations really don’t matter. Only thing- how much you are available.

Long talks, lengthy chit may not be possible all the time. When you write and for what you write are crucial. You are available for office stuffs and you should be as you are paid for it. Also for family you can’t be away from them. With your loved ones too as they bring happiness on you. In all these time allotment is something you are missing. For yourself. Keeping on everyone’s commitment, have you cared yours?


We are pushing. Also getting pushed. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years pass. And a day we too. Happiness is momentary; pain is long lasting. We remember words from near ones that went thru heart, broke it, shattered it. And we forget never ending joys they bring with their presence be it in person or in memory or in dreams. And there begins quest of anger, hatred which steals happiness.

Solutions in a problem comes in a package. We zoom problem to that large that solution remains hidden. And we really don’t care t find it. We blame, take all credit for good and point other for miss doings. This has been MANTRA of survival. Relations are not also excused from these grounds.

Being positive and leading positive life if not just being YES man. To larger extend it is also making others happy. Taking care of other egos so well that ours remain buried. This is good for health too. When a person comes in full anger to you and if you don’t take it, what happens? The anger remains with the owner. Be calm. be patient. The one with anger has to be loved, cared.

Sorry. For writing long. And YES saying sorry too is not accepting that one did mistake but letting egos of others to settle. Sometimes we are so obsessed on we being right. There is no right and wrong in relations. There are priorities and compromises. There are love and trust.

We contradict, quarrel and cement bond. When we are away from tough situations, difficult times how can we enjoy happy hours. For light has value in presence of dark. So lets not cry for dark, curse it. Lets wait for light. And all for chefs of their own kitchen-life cook it, mash it, mix and come with recipe-life formula for HAPPINESS.