Trending is listening to some enlightened souls. S/He gathers people who follow, listen, write about him, all in all make gossip going. They talk about what we consider small things- about love, hatred, empathy which are forgotten part of our life. May be this rejuvenation brings life close to basics and basics have all philosophies embedded within.

While riding bicycle-balance is the key and for it you should be moving, moment you stop riding balance is lost.

Babysitting- you might be know-all but you need to know the situations and be prepared to go for which is not right, not appropriate, not logical. Yet we do as it makes our loved ones happy. Life always don’t run on logic a bit pinch of stupidity works at times.

Workplace- There is wisdom, knowledge, smart work but above all we have to search for funda which makes us happy at the end of the day. Or may be make ourselves adjusted with the situations. There can be two ends-convince or be convinced; there is no on between.

Love- Trust matters, it should not come at cost of your feelings. There is not always black and white but in most cases gray areas which we ignore. Make grey appear white things come handy.