Only permanent thing is change. And this is inevitable. Small seed grows to gigantic trees, we from a cell metamorphose to this ape man. A times we still have child on us. This creates a problem. Child within us asks what is not so normal, sticks on a thing and creates a mess.

For situations that go beyond our logic we need to console a child first. And be sure child demands before the person he/she is comfortable with not with strangers. Our never ending desires have made us go beyond our relationships sometimes even threatening walls on what relations stand.

We need to be matured there is no doubt about it. In being so it does not mean we have stop being child. Be little child more matured. For things are not in two extremes but in-between. There is no white nor black but grey. Lets accept the fact and move on. Change, grow be matured but always grow child. Some genius well said Child is the father of Man.