Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and butter..life goes on

Why do you come here?

Some radical nationalists went to border where southern neighbor is trying to broaden its territory. Those group of students went with plough, shovel. They were in mood of showing power of people to the encroaching neighbour.

The reason above piece being mentioned is to self access on how little do we understand the treatment we get is not just individual treatment but all in all on how nation is performing.

Had our per capita been in good number, had we all black topped road with less pollution, we must have received acknowledgement and reward which comes as a trust.

Recent an embassy of Europen country in Kathmandu gave visa for just how many days program is being organized on the day count basis for staff of reputed institution with all track record of previous travel.

Well recently I was asked why do you come in their country? Reason was simple to make your country rich. We from third world investing good amount of time and money have come to see their country. The response was not so welcoming though asking why are you here.

Folks back home when we get treatment of this nature, people who treat are not the ones to be blamed but the ones who are responsible for taking our nations forward. They are politicians. So let’s be calm and answer only we shall loose some of our time and at the end we be happy.

And at times in regions of passport control we become nervous with all necessary documents. Lets not loose our confidence but be ready to be questioned.