A picture much shared on social media has Putin, President of Russia on gas station filling his vehicle on his own. People showed their anger over our President who stood on small piece of red carpet. Why country like us where development runs on wheels of foreign aids President be given expensive car? This issue is still on debate.

Now coming to issue straight Putin is made hero while President Bhandari is portrayed demon. Today as we prepare leaving Belgrade we were told road might be disturbed badly better we leave early. Reason Putin coming Belgrade.

Same Putin who was hero back home is not my hero anymore. Little time we saved for last hour must sees were slashed. And we need to hit the roads right after breakfast at 8 for flight at 1.40 in afternoon.

Social media instantly herofies and zeroes. It is only matter of your sense how much you get carried away. When in the world where much can be said from both ends it is always better to use own sense and judgement.