Well, things are blurred. We talk about rights. Rights to earn by not working. Those who work are charged. And how come we make Naya Nepal?

We don’t get tired talking for what is hindrance and never get things done too. And again we start a talk. This cycle will do nothing more then converting us to be negative.

It is not that we should stop talking but there is a limit. Lets do some productive talk not on persons but on ideas.

We live in the world where doers are punished and those who who don’t are rewarded because they have not found guilty.

Funny thing and fact is that those who do work are the ones who might err. To err is human, we need to move and keep doing and regularly better ourselves.

Lets not act as judge. There are people specialized for it. Lets have right men at right place. Praise and support doers, be suggestive for bettering things.

We standing at mines of opportunities if don’t end blame game to each other we crash and end. Let things move.