People on tourism sector has one common thing to say. And from our part of the world with limited marketing budget we say, for many tourists we are still unknown. Our identity as the nation is still not recognized in tourism map.

This is not true now and for good things are changing. As Nepal Tourism Board participates for the first time in Ferien Messe, Vienna, Austria, we witness change on perception on #Nepal.

For many it is the country they have already been to, enjoyed trekking or mountaineering while for some it is on their bucket list.

May be the common thing we share about mountain topography or largely for their love for adventure, Nepal in many ways appeal to Austrians.

Here we believe it is hightime we went for niche and focussed marketing. With minimal budget and based on ROI scale Austrian market seems reachable for Nepal aided with their growing economy and disposable income.

Here are some of the glimpses of the fair.