Let it rain things are upside down. Roads which shined black are beneath water. Passerby curse. People responsible flee, if caught they reiterate commitment for their efforts in making life of people at ease. Things go this way for long.

On a recent rain at Putalisadak woman on her scooter begged for hands to hold her bike and bring it to balance. Her pleading was witnessed by her little child with her she was on a ride. Water not only challenged her ride but took her balance at a bay which is must for a ride.

In a recent Q and A session PM was heard quoting government has not brought rain. He is technically right. Forces of nature are not within anyone’s hand for sure. He should not be blamed for incessant rain. But the woman who will now all fear to ride in rain what she would have gone thru if she had plunged into water with her child?

And yes these questions will be there till drainage is in place and water find space safe. Monsoon rain is something which should trigger romance and love not fear. Let not doers be brought into four walls of justice. There are some things in life where more than justification action is required.