There used to be popular ad on tv where students sing R A R A rara mitho bhanchan sarha (all say tastier). Time has once again come around same point where Rara holds attraction. This time it is not noodle as that appeared some 2 scores years ago but it is the biggest lake of the country in the smallest national park.

PM’s address to nation on the Nepali New Year Day of 2075 was made with the backdrop of Rara. The lake is pristine and is still taken as not so commercial destination. Aster this popular visit will Rara be able to keep its same vigor is a question to be answered at the moment.

Well in an eye of nation and its Premier all places are same and hold equal warmth. If we leave stateman’s spectacle and put on lenses of tourism we see all destinations are not same. For example Everest tallest peak on globe is on Khumbu region, Buddha was born in Lumbini and country’s capital is Kathmandu they respectively fall on mountain, terai and hill regions. They are not representational but they contain some elements which push them to be on tourism map.

Every destination can’t be on tourism map. Our efforts should not be towards making every destinations known for tourism but getting equitable benefits from tourism. Lower region which Solu relatively receives less tourists compared to Khumbu which has everything from Everest to all other mountain range and lakes. Tourists fly to Lukla and trek further to reach Namche, more further to Everest Base Camp or Kalapathar. This is the route to scale Everest.

Well as for present, role of Solu is minimal and is not decisive as upper region Khumbu holds airport and mountains. So Solu is forgotten which is not fair on its part. Now things and days don’t go like this always. When climate worsens Solu comes to action as people now have to descend and get to road accessed point. Khumbu is so far not connected on wheels. This example can tell us much more. Instead of seeing rivalry and politics of functional airport to be on own Solu and Khumbu can both work together.People who are willing to go  thru road and spend more days Solu will show its charm and who can fly Khumbu as usual.

Our policies should more focus on getting dividend; maximizing return to deciding a particular place as tourist hub.

Coming back to story of Rara, the place in past was termed as difficult to reach. Recently domestic movement to the place has seen surge powered by growth in geometric progression. After the year of earthquake in 2015, enhanced road connectivity it now receives annual average of 15 thousand of domestic visitors which were struggling even to reach top mark of thousand.

During peak time, tents, food can’t be supplied as required by limited hotels and service providers. This sort of experience might have pushed to delete Rara in future tour of some of those who have gone there to see chaos.

Definitely Rara is not meant for mass. We should be careful enough not to convert it to Phewa. Rara should always keep its charm as elusive and dream destination. If we start catering for mass it soon will loose all its substance and will be just another tourist destination.

PM’s visit should foster on its critical ecology. It is already a destination known to the ones who seek it. Let this not be overpopulated with junks. We need to save few destinations for the class who are willing to pay and are concerned on conservation of unique biological diversity of the region.

With this high level visit, local people are now dreaming for their century long quest of development. Let this development be met with focus on balance of nature and flora-fauna richness of the place. We shall be equally conscious on making pound wise not penny.

Good thing with the visit, people have been now talking about it. This is right time to teach lessons of conservation. Let road reach there but not byproduct and consequences other destinations are receiving at the moment. Rara as King Mahendra rightly mentioned is heaven on earth, it is high time we need to work to create value of this place.