When 2 fighting parties are met if they have not reached to the level of compromises, arguments from both ends look genuine. Situations worsen when both on a loud pitch start claiming one right not listening to what others are saying.

Things go bad when we listen less and speak more. Our body systems too prove same thing, one mouth and double ears. On a clear note it gives idea listen twice to what you speak. At times when we go reverse this norm trouble lands.

Different fights, misunderstandings or any bitter experience we go through is more based not on what other party is talking about but largely on pitch and tone we select. When it is high normally it catalyzes to the other party listening to speak even more on loud tone. This results on fights we normally see around.

An understanding on these times can be handy. Both can be said from both ends. Lets give other a chance to speak so that realization might to his/her mind to listen to us. This works. Things done. Peace within plays important to bring peace to the world. Let inner peace lead.