In the world where even nano second is believed to make difference, what would be situations of months that go with no progress.

Well mails that are carried by postmen collected from post offices or drop boxes are replaced by emails/messages that come within a blink one writes. This has made world fast paced and at the same time made impatient too. Think about the situation when you see your message read and not responded, some of us might even jump or reply nasty. And when we say #experience is funda of today, enjoying journey not destination then a day is not far we shall be back to post mail era. It is a story on its own. Take a paper, write, cut, trash, write again, get done, put on envelope, get stamp, go to post office and post. Here too job is not completed. You wait for the person whom you have written to receive. It might take several days to months time. Once received you feel as if you have been rewarded. When reply comes back wow experience is out of world.

These all things were cut short with a click of email and message. When we say experience is what we seek then snail mail would fit us most. There are so many stories and experiences in posting a mail we would end up being story teller.

Point here is people on a journey sends post card to their loved ones. These post cards in country like ours have no guarantee to reach. If it reaches too there is a chance that sender even might forget the journey s/he did. In that case when relations would have already been broken and if the receiver gets card imagine a situation s/he might go thru. There might be a chance of revival of love affairs that was terminated for some reasons. And these late mails/ cards will be boon to all other communications.

You might say this is height of being positive, but don’t you think we should be. In the time and space where things ordered reach faster to ambulance all we can is be positive and think #positive.