Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and butter..life goes on

If there will be no wires…

Here in Kathmandu every pebble lying on roadside has story to tell. One seeing up might say this is uglier part of Kathmandu-wires going to every nook and corners, not leaving any space untouched. But have you thought for a second that they too have some stories to say.

WIREMANDU that’s what we are. And there is no pain in saying so as they too reflect marvel piece of art. Woman with hair untied, blown by wind. A fierce monster watching us from above. It can relate anything under the sun and the moon.

And they don’t leave you while you stroll around from Thamel to Ason or anywhere you name it. In the meantime lets enjoy wires till they are gone(And what we do if we don’t see them).