At times we busy ourselves on issues of others so much that we forget what makes us happy.  Yes our body is made out of love and passion and this can only do well on these grounds.  And to make environment of love and passion we at least have to keep ourselves happy; forget what others are to..

Well our cells which are the smallest unit of our body too gets energized when we are happy.  So why the hell shall we be bothered with issues of others. And to tell you the fact, believe me,  person who talks about his/her happiness and says this can make me happy is a genuine person cause s/he is not hiding anything with you.

Lets be honest. We have child within us. When that child is not fed child becomes irritated and bangs your time. So feed the child and be happy that is Mantra.

While being happy lets make sure we are living at present not carrying the baggage of past and worries of future. Be present! Be happy