Invitations on facebook marked some 50 turning up at the venue people numbering 10 was hard to find. When a friend who marked coming and was missing was reached he said he just clicked yes as it was invitation from friend and killer was his answer-he had not read it.

Wow! The world is going crazy on digital. Here we are who take invitations from digital media as not serious ones and they expect some confirmation from organizer like in personal meeting or thru phone call. Still we see hard copy invitations authentic while ones which come thru wires-fake or not so serious that you should consider going.

There is a funny incident which happened to me recently. After confirming in google map I showed driver we need to go that place. My friend who was travelling with me called another friend to talk with driver and tell him in local language where we are going. When I asked why did he call friend when cab driver already got the clue where he should be heading, just to reconfirm was a pat response.

Well for our part of the world digital is more of a gimmick. People still lack trust to digital compared to meeting in person or even to calls. I still remember people getting ready a week in advance for making trunk calls. Getting themselves in good attire with even some perfumes just for a phone callm. When these things are done in more convenient way in a palm held mobile device we still lack trust. 

There are some more examples. Peron with a 6s iphone was searching piece of paper and a pen to write address. Why don’t you write on notepad on your mobile, I poked him. I find it easy was answer. Same friend was getting restless when we were walking on place unknown to us guided by

After demonetization in India even autowalahs started mobile money. During these adverse time for consumers digital made lives easier. This is a solid proof that it is not future but present. 

And guys let’s not just click yes yes but spare time to read what it really meant. Clicking going and not coming is not support but a betrayal. We have may be option or share on our wall so that other interested will know.