Battle for the poles white and black is so intense we don’t see grey; which is more prominent, more frequent.

Is it because of society paradigm which recognizes either god or demon? We have little bit of god on us, a bit more of demon may be but we are not either of them, we are human.

Lets relate same phenomenon with #Covid19. Most of us are saying this is just a hoax and we are getting on with daily chorus as normal. While majority are left in a state of shock and terror. At times when these two types of people are vocal and try to justify their feelings; bit more chunk of us left clueless. Here too we need to follow grey path; bit of terror, whole lot of precautions and rolling on with flow of life.

Though grey matters, it is subtle,low profiled. Lets be vocal for it. Let life find a breathe. There is a room between god and demon; light and dark; black and white. Be grey, believe grey.