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अर्को सगरमाथाको खोजीमा पुष्कर शाह

आज सगरमाथा दिवस । सगरमाथा चढ्ने, फेदमा पुग्ने मात्र हैन, हेरेर दङ्ग पर्नेका लागि पनि ठूलो चाड । सगरमाथाका कुरा चुलिरहँदा आजै भेट्ने मौका जुर्यो पुष्कर शाहसँग । उनको परिचय साइकल यात्री जसले १५० देश आफ्नो साइकलमा पार गरे मात्रै भन्दा पनि अपूरै होला । सगरमाथा पनि चढे । तेसैले पनि आजका दिन उनका कुरा बुन्दा सान्दर्भिक नै होला भन्ने ठम्याइका साथ लेख्दैछु ।अलि अगाडि अष्ट्रेलियामा भाँडा माझ्दैछु भन्दै टिभी कार्यक्रममा भक्कानिएका थिए । यो कुरोले केही दिन बजार ततायो । उनी फर्के देश, आफ्नै अभियानमा लागे । अनि अहिले फेरि साइकलमा विश्व भ्रमण गर्ने निर्णयमा पुगे । उनको अष्ट्रेलिया बसाइमा आर्थिकोपार्जनका लागि गरेको मिहेनतलाई देखेर टिप्पणी गर्ने जानकारहरु सेलाएका पनि थिएनन् होला शाहलाई भने अर्को सगरमाथाले तानिसकेछ । उनको आफ्नै सगरमाथा, साइकलको संसार । Read more

Is finger tip at right?

Things are easy accessed and reachable. Person at thousands of miles away are bound in your mobile device. Also you can poke anyone be it celebrity who can never be reached in person or politicians of that sort.

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There used to be popular ad on tv where students sing R A R A rara mitho bhanchan sarha (all say tastier). Time has once again come around same point where Rara holds attraction. This time it is not noodle as that appeared some 2 scores years ago but it is the biggest lake of the country in the smallest national park.

PM’s address to nation on the Nepali New Year Day of 2075 was made with the backdrop of Rara. The lake is pristine and is still taken as not so commercial destination. Aster this popular visit will Rara be able to keep its same vigor is a question to be answered at the moment.
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सेल्फी सक्स – LiveMandu

नजिक आएर मोबिल झिकेउ
मुस्कुराएँ, मस्किएँ
लजाएँ, लाल लाल भएँ
तिम्रा मोबिलमा मेरा फुटो
कोमल हातले क्लिक्क
रमाएँ, रोमान्चित भएँ
यसरी हैन उसरी
जिउ बटारे
चश्मा लाएँ, उतारेँ
शान्त मुद्रा
वार्तालाप गरिरहेको
अनेक नाटक बुनेँ
कलाकार बनाएँ आफैलाई
नगरेको, नदेखेको आफ्नै रुप
हेरी फिस्स हाँसे
पून गम्किएँ, गम्भीर भएँ
बाङ्गिए अनि सोझिएँ
हेर्दा हेर्दै हर दुख्यो
दुखाइ नभए सरी दाँत देखाएँ
मुस्कान अन मुभ
झल्यास्स भएर उता नजर घुमाएँ
जसका मोबिलमा म अटाउन लालायित
तर तिमी त्यहाँ थिइनौ
सेल्फी अन द गो
तिमी अर्को गन्तव्य लागिसकेछौ
तिम्रा मोबिलमा मेरा फुटो हैन
तिम्रै सेल्फी पो विराजमान भएछ

Forget philosophy see things minutely

Trending is listening to some enlightened souls. S/He gathers people who follow, listen, write about him, all in all make gossip going. They talk about what we consider small things- about love, hatred, empathy which are forgotten part of our life. May be this rejuvenation brings life close to basics and basics have all philosophies embedded within.

While riding bicycle-balance is the key and for it you should be moving, moment you stop riding balance is lost.

Babysitting- you might be know-all but you need to know the situations and be prepared to go for which is not right, not appropriate, not logical. Yet we do as it makes our loved ones happy. Life always don’t run on logic a bit pinch of stupidity works at times.
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Twist is name of game

Friend’s dad was examined not having diabetes who from past 10 years was on medication. Life gives us a twist which we least expect. Sometimes they appear pleasant while at other time we wish it should not have happened.

Relations in same fashion carry loads which make us feel heavy. Rather it should be complementing which in many case does not happen. And in most cases it demands completely different being to what we used to being.

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म मोबाइल

रङ्गीन, रोमाञ्चक

प्रेमिल, प्रेरक

हमसफर, हरहमेशा

म मोबाइल

थुनिएको, थिचिएको


आएँ, आलिङ्गिए

सुझाएँ, साथ दिएँ

देश ल्याएँ, दूनियाँ घुमाएँ

खुसी बनाएँ, आँसु सुकाएँ

संसार सजाएँ


गएँ, गुमाएँ

चुपचाप, चिसिएँ

संसार सक्काएँ

म मोबाइल

Enjoying nothing

Nothing sounds bit of negative tone but it is more of a comparative phenomenon rather than absolute on its own. To wise and enlightened everything is nothing and they dig philosophy of life from this nothingness. To laymen like us nothing is always problematic. Nothing in wallet, no balance on card. Read more

Expert on creating problem or being problem

Happiness is v short lived. Instead when issue creating tenson remains in memory for long. As we have been over told that to smile we need less energy compared to being sad. Then why it happens we become sad for long, think for issue more which seldom even needs attention.

Is it that our body is oriented towards negativity? Think about birth of new baby. After pain like breaking many bones mother gives baby a birth. With birth pain should go. But it goes slowly and throughout life this pain remains in memory. This pain is for birth but other pains too remain.

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Why do you come here?

Some radical nationalists went to border where southern neighbor is trying to broaden its territory. Those group of students went with plough, shovel. They were in mood of showing power of people to the encroaching neighbour.

The reason above piece being mentioned is to self access on how little do we understand the treatment we get is not just individual treatment but all in all on how nation is performing.

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