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Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and goes on

Echoes of Buddha’s Birth

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Beyond the horizon, peace eludes our grasp,
Inner calm falters, a fleeting clasp.
Miles we traverse, to the moon and back,
Personal gain sought, leaving others’ peace ransacked.

Shattered souls, we break and bend,
Yet the name of Buddha, profound, we tend.
Nonstop chants, in every breath we take,
Reflecting on the truth, for Buddha’s sake.

A day of pause, to honor the tale,
Buddha was born in Nepal, in peace to prevail.

Breaking Silence

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In silence, there is strength,

Words kept within length.

A smile withstands each blow,

Resilience in a storm’s glow.

Despite shattered dreams, they rise,

Eyes on the earth and skies.

Misconduct to one another, let it be,

The perpetrators secretly conspired to see.

Shattered silence as a raging noise,

Barriers broken, discarding devious ploys.

Stand up, you culprits, no more to bay.

Voices ascend, our land shall reclaim.

They resist the dark with valiant hearts,

Every silence will make a roaring art.

Grim echoing histories as in Sun Tzu,

Every shade of truth will repeat.

Decline of Influencer Marketing: Adapting to a Shifting Terrain

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

The dynamics of influencer marketing are changing significantly in the digital age. The days of influencers having a near-mystical ability to control the actions of their followers by simply endorsing them are long gone. Rather, we live in a time when genuine experiences and recommendations from peers are more influential, especially in sectors like travel.

We invited the ambassadors stationed in Nepal who would encourage trekking during insurgencies. It was anticipated that their own experiences would have a good impact on other citizens. But an unexpected meeting at a press conference exposed a different reality. One fellow countryman downplayed the ambassador’s recommendation when asked if he would journey because of it, highlighting the importance of authenticity and credibility in influencer marketing.

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Beyond roast and rust

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

In the cycle of life, roast or rust,
Beyond mere existence, we’re thrust.
Engrossed in sessions, minds confined,
Roasting each other, but are we blind?

The speaker, with wisdom, holds the floor,
Yet sees not the rust, the ones ignored.
Learned and educated, par excellence,
While others languish, lost in pretense.

They lack the basics, yet strut with pride,
In their self-made bubbles, they hide.
For knowing all, they fail to see,
The world beyond, where others plea.

Self-rusted, they roast in their own flame,
A cycle of ignorance, it’s such a shame.
Roasted by rust, they’re consumed,
Yet blind to the world, where hope is entombed.

The cycle persists, in its relentless churn,
As we fail to see, fail to learn.
Beyond the roast, beyond the rust,
Exists a world, waiting to be just.

Traversing the Karnali heights

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Day 1: Flight to Surkhet and Trekking Beginnings

Our journey commenced with a smooth flight to Surkhet, the headquarters of Karnali Province. From there, we embarked on an extraordinary trek, not your average stroll, but a voyage into the realm of mountaineering. Our destination: a ski training ground situated at a breathtaking altitude of 3250 meters—a height rivaling Australia’s tallest peak, Mount Kosciuszko.

Navigating through the picturesque landscapes, we ventured onwards, cutting short the usual trekking route by opting for a vehicle to Manma, the district headquarters of Kalikot. The journey, albeit peppered with the regular bumps along the Karnali Highway, took an unexpected turn when we encountered a dry landslide near Talo Dhungeswor, halting our progress for nearly four hours. Nonetheless, we persevered and arrived in Manma by nightfall.

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सालिक र मालिक

सुधन सुवेदी @tweetsudhan

सालिक बीच सडकमा
मैलो फुस्रो
महिना दिन अघिका माला
ओइलाएका, सुकेका
हातमा बुरुस, चढ्न भर्र्याङ् भए
रङ्ग फेरिने भो सालिकको
सीमामा धावा बोल्ने बैरीमाथी जाई लाग्ने
रगत पानी सरह बगाउने
देश बचाउने सपूत आज सालिक

मालिक दरवार बस्छ
टलक्क टल्किने बस्त्र
अत्तरको गन्ध
किलोका माला
चाहिने मान्छे मात्रलाई भेटिन्छ
सेटिङ गर्छ, आकास पाताल जोड्छ
सालिकमा श्रद्धाञ्जली चढाउँछ
माल चिन्छ, किन्छ अनि बिक्छ
अनि पो मालिक कहलाउँछ

Thriving Tundikhel

Sudhan Subedi

Tundikhel is open. That’s it. It welcomes all irrespective of standards we live in; fabric we put on; face color we carry. And it is free.

People basking on sun definitely are getting yumm time; blessed are those who can fruits too while basking. As it gets busy with some programs sets, workers are having their meals.

Runners, walkers, joggers make round while lovers find corner holding hands of each other..vibrant, totally engaging, occupying.

Tundikhel has to be open from all sides, let people breathe. And for people not able to see the sun from their small rented space, this is a boon. For those having a rise in body glucose, this is a medicine. Sweat and breathe; shed, read, do anything under the sun and the moon, let Tundikhel be for all.

Photocredit: nepalnews

Illness to Wellness: Overcoming Constipation

Sudhan Subedi @tweetsudhan

Things seemed fine,
Pace appeared steady,
Satisfactory discharge,
Health not too bad.

One fine day,
Doctor diagnosed constipation,
What was once okay looked fishy,
Pace observed fine was not so.

Discharge minimal,
Efforts larger than life,
Health teetering on the edge,
Moving with a constipated body became routine.

From afar, no trace of a problem,
To an experienced doctor’s eye,
Things were not at par,
Health at stake.

A constipated body, a preoccupation,
With a recommended lifestyle,
Things started falling into place with pace.

Life now infused with zeal,
Once okay proved not to be,
As at the end of the movie,
Things came to a happy end.

Digital Impermanence:Daily Deleting Stories


The evolution of sharing in the digital age marks a departure from the days of enduring posts that linger in memory over time. Previously, people posted content, and it endured, archived for the future. However, the current trend revolves around “Stories” – transient snippets that exist for a day, reflecting the impermanence of not just online content but also, metaphorically, the impermanence of life.

In this era, the essence is encapsulated in the brevity of a day, capturing the fleeting nature of experiences and narratives. Each day brings a new story, and the previous ones fade away, emphasizing the transitory nature of our digital expressions and, by extension, the ephemeral quality of life itself. This shift mirrors the philosophy of impermanence, encouraging us to embrace the present moment, as what’s shared today may be eclipsed by another story tomorrow. The concept underscores the beauty of living in the now and appreciating the transient, ever-changing nature of our digital and real-world narratives.

Whispers of Tomorrow’s Canvas

Sudhan Subedi

In the canvas of time, a mantra to borrow,
“There is always tomorrow,” whispers with a glow.
Patience, the key, unlocks the fate’s window,
Guiding through challenges, as life continues to flow.

In the game of existence, you emerge and grow,
Claiming victory, as destinies bestow.
Yet, a shadow lingers, a troop’s silent woe,
Deep within hearts, a sense of foreboding they stow.

A subtle unrest, like a hidden undertow,
An inkling that something’s awry, a subtle echo.
Tomorrow unfolds, time’s relentless throw,
The day will come when truth will finally show.

Hope persists, resilient, a beacon to follow,
Till the end, in hearts, it weaves a halo.
In the symphony of life, a melodic crescendo,
Hopeful spirits endure, undeterred by sorrow.