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Everyday is just another day with twist; bitter and goes on

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म मोबाइल

रङ्गीन, रोमाञ्चक

प्रेमिल, प्रेरक

हमसफर, हरहमेशा

म मोबाइल

थुनिएको, थिचिएको


आएँ, आलिङ्गिए

सुझाएँ, साथ दिएँ

देश ल्याएँ, दूनियाँ घुमाएँ

खुसी बनाएँ, आँसु सुकाएँ

संसार सजाएँ


गएँ, गुमाएँ

चुपचाप, चिसिएँ

संसार सक्काएँ

म मोबाइल

Enjoying nothing

Nothing sounds bit of negative tone but it is more of a comparative phenomenon rather than absolute on its own. To wise and enlightened everything is nothing and they dig philosophy of life from this nothingness. To laymen like us nothing is always problematic. Nothing in wallet, no balance on card. Read more

Expert on creating problem or being problem

Happiness is v short lived. Instead when issue creating tenson remains in memory for long. As we have been over told that to smile we need less energy compared to being sad. Then why it happens we become sad for long, think for issue more which seldom even needs attention.

Is it that our body is oriented towards negativity? Think about birth of new baby. After pain like breaking many bones mother gives baby a birth. With birth pain should go. But it goes slowly and throughout life this pain remains in memory. This pain is for birth but other pains too remain.

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Why do you come here?

Some radical nationalists went to border where southern neighbor is trying to broaden its territory. Those group of students went with plough, shovel. They were in mood of showing power of people to the encroaching neighbour.

The reason above piece being mentioned is to self access on how little do we understand the treatment we get is not just individual treatment but all in all on how nation is performing.

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Much can be said from both ends..

A picture much shared on social media has Putin, President of Russia on gas station filling his vehicle on his own. People showed their anger over our President who stood on small piece of red carpet. Why country like us where development runs on wheels of foreign aids President be given expensive car? This issue is still on debate.

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#कविताको अन्त

त्यो अखबार हेर त
सिगाँने भाईले सिँ पुछेर फाल्यो
तेसमा मेरो कविता छापिएको छ
जीवन र जगतको जानकार जसरी
कनेर, कुथेर
गम खाँदै, भावविहोर हुँदै
रौसिदै, रुदै
फुराको कविताले पाठक पाएन
श्रोता नि भेटेन
भेट्यो त नन्स्टप बग्दो नाक अनि पुछ्ने हात
ती भाइलाई धन्यवाद
भाईको नाकसँगै पुछिएको कवितामा
नाक जोगाउने दुखाई र भोगाई
पनि मेटियो
अनि बाँकी रह्यो त दुखविनाको मनुष्य
पर्खाई अब अर्को हातको जसले तल्लो पछिल्लो भागतिर मिलन गराओस्

Peace of Mind

Mind is hidden underneath we have no idea how deep within. Yet we seek peace. Peace of mind is buzz now. All are after that but little do we know how to achieve.

Peace for me is different to you. And big fights in the world has taken place in name of peace. Understanding of peace is different to each individual. It is like being satisfied but what makes you satisfied all depends on time and space.

Meditating people, people found on healing, medicating people all have their own space of knowledge for peace. And funny thing is that who started war when comes for negotiations, stops war in the end wins Noble Prize for Peace. That may be bit more of a political statement is true to core.

Well peace to me should not come at the cost of happiness of other. Amen!

How is weather in #Nepal? Can we move around??

For reaching fair venue in #Vienna #Austria we deep our feet in snow. With snow reaching tip of nose we cruise to our destination. And to our surprise people coming on the fair ask about weather. The primary concern is about their mobility in Nepal. Will they be able to bear the cold? When Vienna is 2 on degree Celsius we are having sun on 17. Things are not much different. We are country with highest peak and they think all over temperature freezing.

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Why we change? For greater good

Only permanent thing is change. And this is inevitable. Small seed grows to gigantic trees, we from a cell metamorphose to this ape man. A times we still have child on us. This creates a problem. Child within us asks what is not so normal, sticks on a thing and creates a mess.

For situations that go beyond our logic we need to console a child first. And be sure child demands before the person he/she is comfortable with not with strangers. Our never ending desires have made us go beyond our relationships sometimes even threatening walls on what relations stand.

We need to be matured there is no doubt about it. In being so it does not mean we have stop being child. Be little child more matured. For things are not in two extremes but in-between. There is no white nor black but grey. Lets accept the fact and move on. Change, grow be matured but always grow child. Some genius well said Child is the father of Man.

Dai works bro does not

Our part of the world believes on relationship. We are used to making relationships to any extreme that we see brother in any passerby. And they too are there to help in any condition irrespective of their other time commitments. This to the first world appears strange and funny but we are raised like that.

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