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गेट वेल सुन ट्रम्प दाजु

जमाना नै झगडाको छ, रियालिटी शोका टिआरपी यस्तै झगडाले बढेको छ । एकअर्कालाई गालीगलौज गर्दा हेर्ने मान्छेलाई फिल्मी सिन झैं घतलाग्दो हुनेरहेछ तेही भएर अहिले रिस, झगडा, बिकाउ छ । उबेला माया पिरेम बाँडम् भनिन्थ्यो यस्तै कुरो देखाइन्थ्यो अहिले तेस्तो ट्याम रहेन, धुमधढाका, झापड, मुरम¥याइ मसला बनेको छ । र यस्तै संसार जो हामी बाँची रहेका छौं तेसको असली पहरेदारका रुपमा ट्रम्प दाजु खडा छन् ।

ट्वीटर उनका गाली अनि घृणाले अझ बढी चलायमान छ् । कसैले त उनलाई ट्वीटरबाट हटाउन ट्वीटर नै किन्नपर्ने भन्दै चन्दा संकलन सुरु गरिपनिसके । उनकै नियमित गालीको सिरिजमा यसपालि हाम्रै नम्बर आएको छ । उनले नर्कको प्वालजस्तो देश नेपालबाट अमेरिकामा किन मान्छे आउँछन् भनेछन् । दक्षिण छिमेकीबाट सानो छुसुक्क केही आएको भए यसले सबैलाई कोटा पुरयाउँथ्यो । विशेषत आन्दोलनकर्ता, टायर बेच्ने, समाचारवालालाई अनि अन्ध राष्ट्रवादको गीत बजाएर जनताको आँखामा छारो हाल्नेलाई ।

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Being late is boon sometimes!

In the world where even nano second is believed to make difference, what would be situations of months that go with no progress.

Well mails that are carried by postmen collected from post offices or drop boxes are replaced by emails/messages that come within a blink one writes. This has made world fast paced and at the same time made impatient too. Think about the situation when you see your message read and not responded, some of us might even jump or reply nasty. And when we say #experience is funda of today, enjoying journey not destination then a day is not far we shall be back to post mail era. It is a story on its own. Take a paper, write, cut, trash, write again, get done, put on envelope, get stamp, go to post office and post. Here too job is not completed. You wait for the person whom you have written to receive. It might take several days to months time. Once received you feel as if you have been rewarded. When reply comes back wow experience is out of world.

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What’s in your mind

Bit of a personal thing but that is what Facebook asks you. And we tempt to write and express ourselves. Same question if asked by a close friend we deny to answer on a breach of privacy. On top of all these, things we write as answer are sort of social connection. Wow!

Hmm a boy with a mobile device on his hand busies himself with social stuffs and becomes isolated from friends and families in real while nears with virtual friends. These are for sure no social elements. Read more

who does?

In our part of the world who speaks nice is hero. We clap on what someone says while same person time again fails on the grounds of performance. Also news too makes headlines on what politicians says to what has been done.

This has made us more plastic. We comfort the situation while problems remain untouched. Being away from problem may give us peace of mind momentarily but not for always. Things come again with a bang. Read more

Blame Weather you are saved

For not doing there are many reasons out of these #weather tops the lists. Bad weather is blamed in most of the occasions. If we look at the subject more precisely it takes no time to understand weather too is relative phenomenon. There are places where in a year we see less than 50 days of sunshine. For people from those areas our bad weather is a bliss and a festival to celebrate. Read more

Punishment??Thank You

At some traffic points you are not allowed to go straight and asked to divert. Traffic with whistle seems furious and may snatch licence anytime. You follow his instructions and divert. Few meters aways take a U turn and return for the same road bit ahead. To your exclamation you find people who were on queue are still there waiting signal.

At this point question comes to our mind was it a punishment for overtaking lane or was a reward. This is everyday phenomenon in Kathmandu roads. 

Traffic congestion makes journey unpredictable. You may be in your wheels for hours sometimes. And at those times crossing lane with 2 wheeler is rule of the game. Fear of getting punished? worry not you may be rewarded at many occassions and there is always some exception as in every other cases.

Suggestions! Why?

A friend of mine after reading my blogs comments opinion and suggestion part are missing.

When an issue is presented it is fair in part of reader to see for solution for it. I see the other way.  Read more

धैर्यता कुन चराको नाम हो?

दृश्य १

अस्पतालमा वुवाको पालो कुरेर बसिरहँदा एक दिदी आइपुगिन् । उनको साथमा विरामी छोरो अनि एक अस्पतालको कर्मचारी पनि थिइन् । वुवाको उमेर ६५ पालो कुर्दा अलिक अधैर्य भइसक्नुभएको थियो । ती दिदीले अर्की दिदीलाई छोरोको पालो चाँडै आउने बनाउन भनसुन गराउन ल्याउनु भएको रहेछ । डाक्टरसाबकामा पुगेर उनले अाफ्नाे चिनजानकाे हो यसो मिलार छिटो हेरिदिन अनुरोध गरिन्, डाक्टर हाँसे र कार्ड छोड्न भने । जम्माजम्मी ५ जना बाँकि थिए जाँचिन । प्रत्येक विरामीका नाम बोलाइँदा दिदी अघि आउँथिइन् अनि हाम्रो पालो त आइसक्नुपर्ने भन्दै खुइय गर्थिन् । ती दिदी निरास थिइन् यत्रो भनाउँदा नि पालो आउन ढिला भएकामा । यी दिदीले आफ्नो छोरोलाई कस्तो आचरण सिकाउलिन् । भोलि त्यो छोरो ठूलो हुँदा पाइलैपिच्छे हरेक मोडमा पालो मिच्नेछ, आफ्नो केही नचल्दा सरकारलाई सराप्नेछ । हो सामान्य देखिने यस्ता दृश्य हाम्रा दैनिकी भइसके अनि बल हुनेले पालो मिच्नु नियति ।

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Have you seen a device which rotates and mostly held in hand?

Yes that is spinner. This is now Best Selling toys in Amazon and any other online selling platforms. Read more

Between mr. late and late mr.

Life is a journey. It is a common statement.

A post shared by jordanodwyer (@jordanodwyer) on

In a more realistic way we embark on a journey to reach on time be it school, college, office or any other appointments. We offcourse don’t want to be mr. late and end up being late mr…

So a day comes when we bid adeu everything. That day will mark us as late infront of our name and then after we never get late.

Yep! in between mr.late and late mr… life goes on..

So let’s give a damn to worries and chill. Lets live life as it comes..

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