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wifi refugees

After staying in a hotel while checking out bill comes out something like this:

room- 10





What would be your reaction?

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Where will you find Ramon Magsaysay medal? Guesses won’t be right for Mahabir Pun

Photo courtesy: http://www.nepalconnection.org.np

Mahabir Pun recipient of Roman Magsaysay award in 2007 for community leadership is keeping his medals in auction . Purpose of auction of these medals which he received for all his good work of connecting internet in rural Nepal and enhancing communication is for his dream project of making innovation center in Nepal.

When government bodies turned deaf for his project he knocked at public doors for the fund. He has been able to raise 40 million Nepali rupees and target of the project looms high around 500 million. Pun is positive his project will be materialized one day and Nepali talent can find conducive environment for their unique idea to blossom in own soil.


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