Sudhan Subedi

Tundikhel is open. That’s it. It welcomes all irrespective of standards we live in; fabric we put on; face color we carry. And it is free.

People basking on sun definitely are getting yumm time; blessed are those who can fruits too while basking. As it gets busy with some programs sets, workers are having their meals.

Runners, walkers, joggers make round while lovers find corner holding hands of each other..vibrant, totally engaging, occupying.

Tundikhel has to be open from all sides, let people breathe. And for people not able to see the sun from their small rented space, this is a boon. For those having a rise in body glucose, this is a medicine. Sweat and breathe; shed, read, do anything under the sun and the moon, let Tundikhel be for all.

Photocredit: nepalnews