A decision from court was received. Good thing decision came after a long wait. And here came crux of the matter which was home of all problems. Decision was interpreted on such contrasting ways that both conflicting parties were happy thinking decision on their favor.

Hmm..why decisions of court can’t come in easy understable form? Hiring another law practisioner just to know what court decided is not so funny.

Leave court come to medical. When printed decision is not understandable how can you expect handwriting of doctors be readable. Well medicines name can be traced by pharmacists but what s/he identified the problem and his plan of cure are right of patients. This is rediculous. 

Things and matters of public consumption should be clear and understandable even by 5th grader. If we are seeing this mess as opportunity to make money then we are not having spirit of business. Grow up guys and think big.

While we don’t get tired saying we are for soltion let’s do honest review whether we are part of problems or not???